My Thoughts on “How to Talk to Little Girls”

Recently this article (How to Talk to Little Girls) popped through my Facebook Feed. It actually pointed out something that I’ve thought about in the past but never researched. ABC news breaks it down to the fact that half of the children aged three to five worry about being fat. While I believe this is probably true, this perception of beauty manifests itself through society is so many different ways, not just in the way we talk to girls. And oh yes, we definitely talk to little toddler boys in the same fashion most of the time too. I’ve noticed this every time I run a socialization group for our toddlers.

Working for a federally funded program, we’re required to follow the children’s BMIs and address those that are >95% as well as < 10% but at such a young age, we’re already teaching the children that they may be categorized as being too skinny or too fat. Needless to say that government policies always seem to attack one issue but bring on another. This happens so much and with every sector. So What’s the priority?

Working with little three year olds, I know how easy it is for them to remember and forget  what they want and how whimsical they can be. Compliments of any kind really do build up a child’s self esteem. So that they’ll be able to quickly develop those social emotional skills that will be with that child throughout the rest of their life.

When you yourself are in a group of strangers at social event, don’t you usually comment on material things and beauty to engage with others as ice breakers and then move on to something with more meaning. So where did we learn that – perhaps from the adults that used to comment on our pretty-ness as little girls.

For some reason one specific little girl comes to mind when I think about this topic. A child in my socialization group that I run. She loved wearing her sunglass even though they were upside down. If anyone dared touch them, her face  would start to squirm and it was a countdown to a meltdown. However, it has been by far one of the most adorable moments I’ve witnessed yet.

Animal Instinct!

Beary Good

Beary Good

Yes, those are bear donuts. For some reason, here in America we do not appreciate the art of making food look cute and fun to eat. In Asia they have really perfected this art. The photo above is from a popular chain “Mister Donut”  Both Dunkin Donuts and Mister Donut are chains throughout the world with founders who are even related! The great thing about these chains is that they do customize themselves to the local tastes. I remember being in Japan and having a tofu donut, still thinking to this day, that it was the BEST donut I’ve ever had in my life.

Lion Dumps

Lion Dumps

If you are ever in Hong Kong, one acceptable way to eat your food is when it’s in the shape of a cute animal. This really makes eating so much more enjoyable for children as well as adult-children like myself. These Lion Dumplings were will with shrimp  NOT lion meat or anything creepy like that. If you find yourself visiting Hong Kong, You should definitely visit Super Star Seafood Restaurant, Because eating animal shaped food is beyond fun.

Crabby Puffs!

Crabby Puffs!

Crab puffs in the shape of crabs! Not only does the food look good, it’s easy on the taste buds too. With your typical types of dim sum offerings such as shrimp puffs, crab puffs, (the elephants were just sticky rice fried with sweet bean inside. The ears were made of cookie and the tusks are pretzel sticks!) I didn’t have to much time to explore in Hong Kong, but definitely have to try some of the other Super Star Ventures next time. Super Star Group is the company that owns Super Star Seafood Restaurant. If you have been to any, let me know which ones you like!

Austin Style


A couple of weeks ago I decided to visit Austin, there wasn’t really any method to how I chose Austin. My reason’s for visiting were quite simple: 1. I love BBQ 2. I love Whole Foods (Flagship is located in Austin) 3. I was in serious need of some warm weather 4. SXSW  (until I realized that tickets to SXSW would run me over a grand to attend =(((

So While I Was In Austin:                                                 B B Q was Amazing!


This is a pretty famous picture to anyone who visits Austin, as the Salt Lick has a reputation all over Texas as one of the BEST places for BBQ. They have a ginormous indoor BBQ pit (the picture above) it’s truly celebrity status complete with tourist paparazzi shooting multiple pictures at any given minute. I arrived mid afternoon thinking it would be a good time, because it would be after the lunch crowd. No. There is still an 1.5Hr wait at 2pm!

The Boiling Pot!


Located in the downtown area, is a fantastic place for Cajun. Not sure if you’ve ever had cajun, but it’s the reason people visit places like New Orleans or Louisiana in general. What they do at this restaurant is boil any and every kind of seafood in cajun spiced water, which in turn cooks into the food. The place also cooks sides such as potatoes, corn, and sausage which is equally delicious. It seems that any good place has their own special masala of cajun spices. Basic ingredients usually contain: Oregano, paprika, salt, onion, garlic, black pepper, red pepper, cayenne pepper.

Whole Foods!


I can be quite honest that I work right around the block from a whole foods in Manhattan and always considered myself lucky to have Whole Foods so close by, but the flagship Whole Foods is a whole other level of Whole Foods. There are many many perks to being the flagship, like this picture of exotic kinds of fruits, such as SUMO Tangerines! They were enormous, easy to peel, and super sweet. (I’m fanatic status on citrus) Not to mention they have electric car charging stations for free out front while you shop! I wish I had rented a Tesla just to experience this. Also they held free movie nights and had their own Eatly type counters, priced reasonably with delicious seafood dishes and BBQ as well. A very important tourist destination in my book.